Mayor’s Platform

Mr. Grecu believes that the office of mayor should be approached from the position of a public servant. This position creates an attitude of transparency which in turn creates a spirit of cooperation and unity between the community and the leaders that it has elected to serve them. Mr. Grecu also believes that Ashford will thrive only as “a community in unity”: a community united to see Ashford grow into its full potential. This unity will only increase as the people of Ashford come together with the same goals in mind:

  1. Bring increased commerce exchange to the city of Ashford through new business and economic development.
  2. Create affordable housing options for families who have made Ashford their home and who are contemplating Ashford as their future home.
  3. Help the increasing needs of those who have worked so hard to make Ashford what it is today yet still remember what it used to be.
  4. Work together with local civic organizations and business owners to enhance the downtown area as well as work to make sure that the infrastructure of the City is equipped to handle the increasing growth.
  5. Create a safe, fun, and family-friendly environment for our youth by making sure that our recreation facilities are up to date and equipped to secure the future success of the next generation.
Mayor Jonathan E. Grecu

Picture4525 N. Broadway Street
Ashford, Alabama 36312
Phone: 334-899-3366
Fax: 334-899-8407

Mayor Jonathan E. Grecu