Hurricane Michael Information
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October 18, 2018

From Mayor Carole Barfield : 

I am asking everyone to have patience as we work to clear away our storm damage. This process will take several weeks. Today  EMA and FEMA Assessment teams will be in Ashford to assess our damage. These teams will be followed by Individual Assessment Teams. These teams will be in your neighborhoods speaking with homeowners about their damage and losses. You can help speed up this process by taking pictures of damage and making lists of items lost. You can also write how the storm affected you, your family and your lives. This can be e-mailed to the EMA at If you cannot e-mail you can give your photos and lists to the team in your neighborhood. This process will take some time, please have patience. Everyone at the city is working to ensure your safety and clean up our city. It will just take time. I have been very proud of how our citizens have come together to help each other during this crisis. Thanks all who have been here to help with supplies, hot meals and help in clearing trees and debris. Thanks to all of you for showing everyone that Ashford is a city with STRONG and CARING people.


Ocotber 19, 2018

There are cases of water and other supplies, including gloves and masks,  located at City Hall Lobby. At this time it is one case per family. There are other supplies that have also been donated. If you need water, please do not hesitate to come by City Hall and get a case. 


Ashford Chamber of Commerce - Kim Vann is working hard to make sure that individuals are getting the supplies that they need. Should you have a need or know of someone, please contact her at 334-714-3520. (and if you see her around town - please tell her thank you for all of her hard work and dedication to the City of Ashford.)


October 23, 2018

The Mayor prepared a statement concerning Hurrican Michael. Click here to read it. 


October 25, 2018

Kim Vann, Ashford Chamber of Commerce President, wrote a list of people that the Chamber wanted to persoanlly thank for their efforts during Hurricane Michael. Click here to read it.